Stallion Service Contract

made and entered into this ____________ day of ____________________, 20__, by and between ____________________________ hereinafter referred to as “MARE OWNER”, Frank Dillon and Frank Dillon Cow Horses, LLC, hereinafter referred to as “STALLION OWNER”.
Dillon Cow Horses is the owners or lessee of the stallion _______________________, hereinafter referred to as STALLION, registration #______________, breed _________________ , and 
WHEREAS, _________________________is the owner of the mare named ________________________, hereinafter referred to as MARE, registration #______________, breed ________________ , due to foal __________________, and.
WHEREAS,  named STALLION will stand at stud during the 20__ season at  Dillon Cow Horses.  And the parties hereto desire to contract for the servicing of the MARE  by STALLION during the season of 20__.  
it is agreed as follows:  
1. The breeding fee for STALLION is $_________.  Upon payment of _________booking fee, which is not refundable, the STALLION OWNER does hereby reserve for the MARE OWNER one season’s booking for 20__ to STALLION for the service of the MARE.  
2. Owner must provide proof that the MARE is current on all veterinary recommended vaccinations and shots, including, but not limited to 5-Way (Flue, Rhino, Eastern & Western Sleeping Sickness, Tetanus Toxoid), West Nile and Strangles, prior to being brought to Dillon cow Horses' Lewiston location.  All required vaccinations must have been given no more than 60 days prior to mare's arrival at Dillon Cow Horses.
3. (a) MARE shall remain at Frank Dillon Cow Horses for a minimum of eighteen (18) days from the last day of service in order to be pregnancy checked. 
(b) Board at the rate of $ _____ per day for dry mares,$ ______per day for wet mares and $________ per day for private stall or paddock  will be paid by MARE OWNER.  
(c) The balance of the Breeding Fee $ _________ plus all unpaid board and expenses including, but not limited to veterinary  
expenses, shall be paid prior to the time MARE leaves STALLION OWNER's facility, unless STALLION OWNER consents to alternate arrangements.  Any alternate arrangements must be made in writing and signed by both parties prior to the MARE leaving STALLION OWNER's facility.  
4. MARE OWNER agrees to allow the STALLION OWNER to have a qualified veterinarian check the MARE for normal breeding conditions and to perform such other veterinary services STALLION OWNER shall deem necessary for the proper treatment and protection of MARE and/or foal at side. This is to be at the MARE OWNER's owners expense and will be billed and due monthly.  
5. During the time that the MARE is in custody of the STALLION OWNER, STALLION OWNER shall not be liable for any sickness, disease, or injury which may be suffered by the MARE and/or foal at side.  Any insurance desired on MARE or on any foal at side, is the sole responsibility of the MARE OWNER.
6. None of the above mentioned fees shall be refundable. But, STALLION OWNER guarantees a return breeding the following season either for MARE or a substitute which shall be agreed upon by the parties, should a live foal (defined as one that stands and nurses without assistance) not result from this mating. Costs to MARE OWNER on the return breeding will be all current mare care costs, vetting expenses, and a THREE HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLAR ($350.00) chute fee. Payment terms for all fees shall be the same as for initial breeding. 
7. This contract shall not be assigned or transferred by either party hereto without the written consent of the other.  
8.  MARE OWNER warrants and guarantees that as Owner, the undersigned has full authority to enter into this contract and is the party responsible for all terms and conditions hereof, including prompt payment of all charges.
9. Breeders Certificates will be issued only when STALLION breeding fees, mare care and veterinary charges and other related fees and expenses are paid in full.  
10. SHIPPED SEMEN- Upon agreement of the parties in advance, shipped cooled semen may be used for this breeding.  There will be no collection charges for the first collection and shipment, however should more than one shipment be requested, MARE OWNER shall pay a collection fee of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($100) per collection.  Additionally, MARE OWNER will pay all shipping charges incurred after the first shipment of semen and a TWO HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLAR ( $250.00) Deposit on shipping container. Entire stud fee and deposit on container, and all current collection and shipment charges must be paid before any shipment is sent.  
11.  All charges mentioned herein are payable within 10 days from billing date.  Interest of 1/5% per month will be assessed on the outstanding balance and the laws of the State of Idaho shall apply.  MARE OWNER agrees to pay all reasonable collection and attorney fees incurred by Dillon Cow Horses and Reproduction Center in attempting to collect any outstanding balance.  MARE OWNER grants and acknowledges all lien rights afforded to Dillon cow Horses by the laws of the State of Idaho.
12.  This contract is made in Nez Perce County State of Idaho.  Should any dispute arise as a result of the terms of this contract, the laws of the State of Idaho shall apply and venue shall be Nez Perce County.

_____________________________________     ____________________________________  
MARE OWNER                                                                              STALLION OWNER  
Name ____________________________________       Dillon Cow Horses, LLC

Address __________________________________      2174 Tammany Creek Road

City State Zip______________________________        Lewiston, Idaho 83501

Phone ____________________________________      Phone: 208-743-8366 Fax: 208-743-0763